Ice Cream

22 Different Flavors

New Flavors Every Week

Quart or Pint sizes

Soft Serve

Ice Cream Sandwich

Shakes and Malts



Banana Split

House Made Waffle Cones

Cake Cones

Sugar Cones 

Dairy Products


South mountain creamery’s dairy products 

     -1/2 Gallon 2% Milk

     -1/2 Gallon Nonfat Milk

     -1/2 Gallon Chocolate Milk

     -1/2 Gallon Whole Milk

     -Half & Half

     -Heavy Cream

     - Buttermilk 

     - Eggnog (seasonal)

     -Locally-sourced Cheese

     -Salted and unsalted Butter



     -Pequea Valley Farm Yogurt

     -Nature's Yoke Organic Eggs

Freshly Baked Goods

Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

     -Whole Pies, Pie by the Slice


     -Chocolate chip brownie 

     -Special order cakes upon your request  


Uptown Bakery

     -Artisan Breads          - Classic white

     - Classic white            - cinnamon raisin

     -Challah                       - Jewish ray

     -Sourdough                 - dinner rolls

     -English Raisin            - Marble ray

     -Whole Wheat            - and more...